Our Mission Statement:

Mohawk Coffee House seeks to provide a positive and safe environment, to provide quality products and service as well as a space for fellowship and outreach, and to build the Mohawk community and disciples of Christ. We have a vision of creating a gathering space for people of all generations by connecting with the local community in order to extend the love of Christ outside the walls of the Church.

Our Vision:

We seek to provide the Bessemer/Mohawk community with:  

  • A space with free Wifi for those who wish to work from a mobile location.

  • A comfortable space with art, special events, places to chat, and internet access, providing an appealing alternative to the bar scene.

  • An after-school hangout spot.

  • A meeting place for book clubs, Bible studies, business meetings, craft groups...and more.

  • A space for parents to work and relax while waiting for school activities to finish.

  • A place to celebrate a sports victory or connect after a school concert or play.

  • A gathering space for retirees to get out of their homes and socialize.

  • A spot where educators and community leaders can work on lesson plans, mentoring, or tutoring.

  • And, of course, a place where you can get a great cup of coffee, tea or other specialty drink!

Because MoCo House was established by individuals representing five churches in our community,  it was created as an independent corporation.  Thus it is not uniquely affiliated with any one church or denomination.  Yet a collective faith in Jesus Christ drives our board's desire to establish this coffee house.  Thus we see the mission of MoCo House as part of our Christian ministry to the community and we operate with a statement of faith.

The Director

Judith Spears: Judi has been a resident of the Mohawk Community for over 36 years.  She is married to David Spears, a lifelong resident of the area.  She was a “founding member” of the Board of Directors for MoCo House and has seen it grow from just an idea on paper to the reality of the mission today.  She has 3 adult daughters all graduates of Mohawk High School, 2 grandsons that attend Mohawk High School, one granddaughter and grandson in Maryland.  Her passion for this mission and the ministry of this place has guided her as the Director.  She especially enjoys seeing the new energy and love for MoCo from new volunteers as well as the devotion from original volunteers and board members. 

The Co-Founders:  

Nathan Leslie: pastor of Bessemer Presbyterian Church.   Nathan and his wife are life-long residents of the Mohawk community, and serve their church and the community in various roles.  For some time, he has had a vision for a gathering space in the community where people can gather for fellowship and friendship.  He also believes it is the role of our local churches to partner with others in the community to create such spaces.  

Greg Aydt: former youth pastor of Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Although, he was not a long-time resident of the community, his heart for this type of ministry had been brewing for many years.  He and his wife were both involved in the youth activities of Bethel Church.  Greg also served as a coach for the Mohawk Soccer team. He is now serving as the youth director for Advent Presbyterian Church in Cordovan, Tennessee.

David Champ: Associate Pastor at Westfield Presbyterian Church and Director of Youth and Children Ministries.  He began his ministry at Westfield several years ago, but has long connections with the Mohawk Community as his grandparents are long residents of Bessemer.  David has seen through his youth ministry and his work as an assistant soccer coach for the Mohawk Warriors the need for a safe and welcoming place for youth to gather in our community.  He is also a lover of all things coffee.

The Board

Josh White, President: Josh is a small business owner and local resident.  He is a Mohawk graduate and avid coffee drinker.  He is grateful for the opportunity to help Moco provide outreach to the local community and work with believers of the area's many church families. 

Tina Leslie, Treasurer: Tina is a member of the Bessemer Presbyterian Church where her son, Nathan Leslie, is the pastor.  She is a lifelong resident of the community and has been involved in many aspects of ministry in her church. Tina is one of the original Mohawk Coffee House board members, and served as our general contractor in the renovation of our space.

 Erin Sun: Erin is married to Angelo, and has 4 children. One son, Ian, is 13, and then three daughters, Avery, 11, Addy, 8, and Ensley, 5.  She has lived in Bessemer for five years now.  She attends Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church, in Enon Valley, PA.  She is a leader in our church's AWANA program, where she teaches preschool aged children about Christ's love.  She is a stay at home Mom, currently home schooling my youngest daughter for kindergarten (sometimes off site at MoCo House where her daughter orders her “regular” hot chocolate).

Joanna Barr: Joanna is a member/representative of the Mt Jackson Presbyterian Church where she has been involved in the local, national & international mission work of her church for many years. She was drawn to this ministry as a venue to continue local mission work showing the love of Jesus outside the church walls in our Mohawk community.

Ashley Patton: Ashley has been married to her husband, Jay, for 13 years, this June.  She has 3 boys, ages 3, 5, and 7. She has been a stay at home Mom for 7 years.  She has been an active member at Bessemer Presbyterian Church since she moved to the area in 2011. She serves on the VBS committee, CLICK (Christ living in Christian kids) the children’s ministry, and the congressional life committee. 

James Gagliano: Jim is a life-long member of St. Anthony/Christ the King Parish...married for 42 (almost 43) years to high school sweetheart... he has 4 children and 5 grandchildren (with 1 more on the way). Along with representing Christ the King Parish on the MoCo House Board, he also serves as a member on the F.D. Campbell Memorial Library Board and the North Beaver Township Planning Commission.  “I am blessed for the opportunity that MoCo House provides me to help serve the Mohawk community by creating a haven for those in need of support, both physically and spiritually, as well as a great cup of coffee!”

Carl Mace; Carl is a founding Board of Directors member. He is a member of Westfield Presbyterian Church and has served on the Session board several times. He has a heart for this community as both a local businessman and board member. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindy, and is the grandfather of three wonderful grandchildren.

Rhonda Breuer: Rhonda has been married to her husband, Keith, for 28 years and is the mother of Isabella, Benjamin, and Aaron. She is a 1987 graduate of Mohawk and practices Optometry in her Chippewa office. Her family attends Westfield Presbyterian Church, where she currently serves on the Christian Education Committee. She is active in the planning and development of several of the children’s programs.

Dan Kaufmann: Dan and his wife, Caroline, are residents of the Mohawk area. His three children are students in the Mohawk Area School system. He and his family are members of the Baptist Church in New Castle where they are active in youth activities and mission work. Dan is a team leader for Samaritan’s Purse and has lead and participated in many disaster relief work trips.