Our Mission Statement:

Mohawk Coffee House seeks to provide a positive and safe environment, to provide quality products and service as well as a space for fellowship and outreach, and to build the Mohawk community and disciples of Christ. We have a vision of creating a gathering space for people of all generations by connecting with the local community in order to extend the love of Christ outside the walls of the Church.

Our Vision:

We seek to provide the Bessemer/Mohawk community with:  

  • A space with free Wi-fi for those who wish to work from a mobile location.  
  • A comfortable space with art, special events, places to chat, and internet access, providing an appealing alternative to the bar scene.
  • An after-school hangout spot.
  • A meeting place for book clubs, Bible studies, business meetings, craft groups...and more.
  • A space for parents to work and relax while waiting for school activities to finish.
  • A place to celebrate a sports victory or connect after a school concert or play.
  • A gathering space for retirees to get out of their homes and socialize.
  • A spot where educators and community leaders can work on lesson plans, mentoring, or tutoring.
  • And, of course, a place where you can get a great cup of coffee, tea or other specialty drink!

Because MoCo House was established by individuals representing five churches in our community,  it was created as an independent corporation.  Thus it is not uniquely affiliated with any one church or denomination.  Yet a collective faith in Jesus Christ drives our board's desire to establish this coffee house.  Thus we see the mission of MoCo House as part of our Christian ministry to the community and we operate with a statement of faith.

The Director

Scott Gorbold: a native of Joliet, Illinois, he is a recent graduate of Trinity School of Ministry in Ambridge, PA. He has experience both as a barista and with coffee suppliers.  Scott is a candidate for ministry in the Anglican Church of North America, desiring to combine his love for quality coffee with a desire to share the Gospel and minister in the Mohawk community.   Scott and his wife Katie have recently moved to Boardman, Ohio, and look forward to being a part of the life of our community.  

The Co-Founders:  

Nathan Leslie: pastor of Bessemer Presbyterian Church.   Nathan and his wife are life-long residents of the Mohawk community, and serve their church and the community in various roles.  For some time, he has had a vision for a gathering space in the community where people can gather for fellowship and friendship.  He also believes it is the role of our local churches to partner with others in the community to create such spaces.  

Greg Aydt: youth pastor of Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Although, he is not a long-time resident of the community, his heart for this ministry has been brewing for many years.  He and his wife are both involved in the youth activities of Bethel Church.  Greg also serves as a coach for the Mohawk Soccer team.

David Champ: director of youth and student ministries at Westfield Presbyterian Church.  He began his ministry at Westfield a few short years ago, but has long connections with the Mohawk Community as his grandparents are long residents of Bessemer.  David has seen through his youth ministry and his work as an assistant soccer coach for the Mohawk Warriors the need for a safe and welcoming place for youth to gather in our community.  He is also a lover of all things coffee.

The Board

Carl Mace, President: a member of Westfield Presbyterian Church.  Carl is a member of Session and chairman of the personnel committee.  Carl has a strong vision for what this ministry can do for the Mohawk community.

Tina Leslie, Treasurer: a member of Bessemer Presbyterian Church.  She has been a resident of the Mohawk community for over 30 years, and as an ordained Deacon, has ministered in many ways through her church and beyond.   

Chris Arisman, Secretary: a member of Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  She and her husband have lived in Mohawk for many years.  She has been involved in many ministry projects through her church as well as a past leader of Moms In Prayer.

Diana Kerr: nearly a lifelong member of the Mohawk Community, a graduate of Mohawk she is glad to be part of this wonderful community.  Diana works in New Castle as a legal secretary, is a member of Christ the King parish where she serves as a lector and catechist, an officer and member of the Mohawk Soccer Boosters, past committee member of Boy Scout Troop 721.  Diana believes that the Mohawk Coffee House will bring some positivity to the Mohawk Community and is looking forward to being part of this venture.

Barb Byleock: a member of First Covenant Church.  Barb is a resident of Bessemer, and has been a member of First Covenant for more than 50 years.  She has represented First Covenant in the Appalachian Service Project Youth Program for the last 9 years, been an active member of the choir and Women's Morning Society.  She works for First Commonwealth Bank in Bessemer, and is also on the Board of the FD Campbell Memorial Library, and member of the Mohawk VFW Women's Auxiliary.

Beth Kissling: a member of Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Beth, along with her husband and 4 children, has been involved in the Mohawk community for many years as business owners, students, and those who are often found where the community gathers.  Beth, a 1979 Mohawk graduate, was drawn to this ministry due to the potential it has for community fellowship at the effort of joint believers across denominations for the sole purpose of showing the love of Jesus.

Judi Spears: a member of Westfield Presbyterian Church where she is currently serving as Clerk of Session.  She has been involved in the youth ministry of her church for over 12 years, and has had a dream of being part of a coffeehouse ministry for many of those years.

Kevin Byers is the owner and manager of Iron Made Gym in New Middletown, Ohio.  He is life long resident of the Mohawk community and a member of Westfield Presbyterian Church, where he is active with the youth program.